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Metal Industrial Name Plates

Metal industrial name plate is a channel displaying the most needed information of a company in a compact and brief format. At Vardayni Corporation, we assure our customers one of the best quality product from our end. The making of the name plates has to be such that, it gets adjusted in the work location very competently, hence, for manufacturing, metal plates we make use of stainless steel, aluminum, brass. These metals exhibit maximum durability which results in longer life of the product.

We have earned a good name in the market in the field of metal plates. This has been possible only because of the accurate assessment of the needs of our customers and fabricating the precise product as per the requirements and specifications as provided by our clients.

Our team of quality controllers and technical persons are specialized in designing of the products in such a manner that customers remain satisfied with our services and are attached with us for a prolonged period. Our product displays certain characteristic features which can be summed up as below:

1. The product offered to our customers are specifically assembled as per the instructions and details as received from our customers.
2. In case, certain products need some special adhesives our test controllers and required machinery completes the demand. Any requirement of screw holes for special mechanical attachment is also taken care of.
3. Our products are made to in a way that the objective for which they are made is achieved easily even in harsh environments and maximum temperature conditions.
4. We have in our kit , a wide range of plates with different sizes, shapes and colors made up of stainless steel, aluminum, brass which are made available to the customers to choose from.
5. As the manufacturing of plate as per specifications is a time consuming activity, we adhere to our own prototypes which is designed to best suit the needs of our customers and it saves sometime of selection.
6. The one important feature we have followed since inception is the timely delivery of high quality product. Since the design and the production of name plate may consume maximum time, we have a pre-controlled and pre-determined environment which help us to make and deliver the products in a timely manner.

Materials & Technology :

The materials and components which we include in the production of our industrial plates are of high grades. We make the use of stainless steel, anodized aluminum in making our products which we acquire from well-known and renowned resources as available in the market. One of the prime requirement in the manufacture of industrial plates are the specification, the magnitude, the ultimate location where the plates will be used. Even the artwork or any logo to be carved on the plate has to be perfectly designed and included in the finished product. The credit for an exquisite look for our product goes to the team of experts and the distinct technology which we use in the making. We have set certain standards and norms for quality product which we follow strictly. Our quality controllers follow a proper discipline and action procedure to get a unique product and keep our customers satisfied. The industrial plates which we make available to our customers are corrosion free and weather resistant.

Embossing & Machining :

Embossing and sculpting forms a main role in making an industrial plate which will last for a farther period. At Vardayani, we make use of this technique so that the product gets a unique identity. One more advantage is the information as engraved or mounted on the stainless steel or aluminum plate remains as it is in uneven and sever intense climatic conditions. Machining is the process of cutting the particular raw material into desired shapes and sizes in a controlled environment. The process involves turning, drilling, milling, shaping, tapping etc. to get a well-designed product. Fabrication forms an integral part of this process. Specially designed milling machines and lathe machines are used for efficient cutting and shaping to get a desired finished product. Moreover, the processes used to design and fabricate metal plates are quite cost effective making it more economical for any small traders to use it.

Types and applications :

There are a couple of types of industrial name plates like metal, plastic, stainless steel, brass and so on. At Vardayni , we make use of stainless steel and aluminum to deliver the best plates in the industry. Our plates are widely used in chemical industries, automobile/vehicle industries, warehousing, corporate sectors, for marking and labelling of machines.

A number of advantages are associated with the use of metal industrial name plates :

1. Versatile Nature : The metal industrial plates are versatile in nature as embossing and engraving can be done more easily on the metal plates. In addition; etching and digital printing can also be easily experimented with metals. This proves the versatility of the use of different metals.
2. Durability : Any metal used in industrial purposes is considered to be durable. This is true mainly for stainless steel, wherein, the product made up of steel is corrosion free. The plates are durable in nature as they can withstand many acute situations with comfort. Plastic cannot be used, though being cost effective, the reason being plastic material is more prone to damage compared to metals.
3. Less in Weight : When we speak of metals, a general notion coming to our mind is it will carry a lot of weight. Actually, metals like aluminum and brass are lightweight , even finished products made up with stainless steel do not weigh much and are easy to transport to places.

There are some disadvantages of using the metals for processing.

1. Aluminum though easy to process is a costly metal compared to steel. It is a bit softer in quality.
2. The case with bronze as metal being used is also similar to aluminum. It is relatively softer for processing, hence it is used mainly for producing small parts.
3. Mild steel and low density carbon steel have a low malleable capacity.

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