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We are the Leading Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters of MCCB Panels (Molded Case Circuit Breaker)

MCCB Panel

We are engaged in the production of high quality products such as Automatic power factor control panel, Power Factor Controller, Servo Voltage Stabilizer, AMF Panel, Automatic Phase Shifter, Automatic Phase Sequence Corrector, Electrical Panels,Industrial UPS, Active Harmonic Filters, Harmonic Reactors,Transformer. These products are fabricated under the utmost care of professionals and they have gained fame on the basis of their quality features such as durability, reliability and sturdy construction.
MCCB Panels are molded case circuit breaker having upto 2500 amps. MCCB panels used for the protection against ditch short circuits and overloading. In the terms of power capabilities MCCB panels are way better than MCB panels for high power requirements. Single phasing is applied in MCCB panels and only reset has to be done in MCCB panels. Tripping circuit is movable in MCCB PANELS

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