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Supplying and Fabrication of wall mounting cubicle type panel board fabrication 16SWG CR sheet with necessary channel the bus bar chamber is provided size Aluminum/ Copper flat is RYB 30x 6, Incomer 160 Amps SFU L&T Main switch 1 no, Main Outgoing 63 Amps SFU L&T Main switch 2 nos & Outgoing 160 Amps SFU L&T Main switch 1 no , (1).First outgoing Two pole 6 Amps MCB L&T Make 4 nos , Two pole 63 Amps MCB L&T Make 1 no(2). Second outgoing Single pole 10Amps MCB L&T Make 8 nos, Single pole 16Amps MCB L&T Make 2 Nos (3).Third outgoing Four pole 63 Amps 300 Milli Amps ELCB L&T Make 3 nos, RYB Indication Lamp with vaf meter.

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